technological excellence

The most advanced innovations for perfect sliding enclosures

With experience and technical expertise gained over many years in the production of telescopic covers for pools, Helianthus is today, in Italy, the leading industry brand.
These are the core values of Helianthus telescopic enclosures, values that have enabled the company to achieve important projects and become leader in its sector.

The wide range of products realizes the dreams of individuals and meets the needs of large public entities, delivering always the best product for the area to be covered.
Every Helianthus enclosure is curated in its minimum details with competence, professionalism and quality.

Helianthus telescopic enclosures feature the most advanced technological and mechanical innovations to ensure perfect sliding. Our company designs and manufactures only highly technological telescopic enclosures, created with the use of extruded aluminium alloy, steel and wood and polycarbonate and glass panelling.

Each element has been curated in its minimum details and materials have been carefully chosen to ensure durability.

The aluminium profiling technology, both in terms of technical characteristics and production equipment, is the exclusive property of Helianthus, which has extensively researched and optimized the various production processes. These processes are implemented with the use of highly automated advanced numerical control equipment.