Club Natació Banyoles


Club Natació Banyoles

Free standing high enclosure
Profile Energy 240 (triple modules) – 22.62 x 37.31 m
Club Natació, Banyoles (Girona) – Spain

Free standing telescopic enclosure installed to cover the outdoor pool of the Spanish sports centre ‘Club Natació Banyoles’, near Girona in Spain.

  • Pool size: 12 x 25 m

  • Max. size of the enclosure: 22.62 x 37.31 m

  • Height: min. internal 4,12 m – max. external 5,70 m

  • Profile: Energy 240, in 6005A-UNI9006-1 aluminium alloy; section 240 x 105 mm for the external profile and 240 x 130 mm for the coupled internal profile.


The enclosure is composed of 1 fixed module of length 4.46 m and 5 telescopic modules of length 6.65 m. The length of the modules is a peculiarity of this enclosure as the special profile Energy 240 has been specially designed to allow for pairing of two or three standard modules of length 2.23 m into a single component in order to decrease the number of necessary elements with a consequent saving of space to the sides of the enclosure. In this case, a double module and five triple modules have been used.

The sliding of the enclosure is guided by extruded aluminium tracks. Support carriages slide along the tracks and have fixed and eccentric axis wheels that allow adjustment of the movement and optimal coupling for perfect sliding. This entirely innovative system is practical and completely safe because it does not create any encumbrance on the finished floor surface, needing only narrow slits of a width of 26mm necessary to allow the transit of the carriages. For additional safety, when the telescopic enclosure is retracted and the guides are free of modules, small seals are designed to quickly cover the floor slits. The sliding carriages within the tracks can be easily unattached from individual modules in order to remove them from the tracks for eventual maintenance or replacement of any damaged components.

The enclosure side wall and facade panels are made of transparent polycarbonate and those of the roof of alveolar polycarbonate. The facades of the enclosure are fixed; the wall of the last module has been shaped around the technical and air conditioning facilities while the wall of the first module comprises concertina doors with emergency exits.

The production of the various components of the structure took approximately four months. The enclosure was then divided into pre-assembled elements for special transport. Work on the construction site for the installation of the guide tracks and final assembly of the enclosure took five weeks.


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