Virgin Active Fitness Village


Villaggio Fitness Virgin Active

Lean-to enclosure
Profile Energy 240 (triple modules) – 22.62 x 37.31 m
Villaggio Fitness Virgin Active Roma Balduina at Residence Mallia – Rome – Italy

Enclosure realized for the company ‘Residence Mallia’ in the work of rehabilitation and expansion of the fitness area of a residential complex that now houses the Roma Balduina Virgin Active fitness centre. The existing outdoor pool was expanded and inserted into a new enclosed space that has become the main body of the gym with the telescopic enclosure allowing the natural lighting of the interior.

The project has been developed in collaboration with the architectural firm Pettene -

  • Pool size: 10 x 25 m

  • Max. size of the covering: 16.60 m x 27.87 m

  • Height: min. internal 3.48 m 5.10 m

  • Profile: Energy 240, in 6005A-UNI9006-1 aluminium alloy; section 240 x 105 mm for the external profile and 240 x 130 mm for the coupled internal profile.


The cover is composed of 1 fixed module and 3 mobile modules collected together.
The length of the modules is a peculiarity of this enclosure as the special profile Energy 240 has been specially designed to allow for pairing of two or three standard modules of length 2.32 m into a single component in order to decrease the number of necessary elements with a consequent saving of space to the sides of the enclosure. In this case, 4 triple modules have been used.


The enclosure is set over the surrounding building. On one side hand the structure slides across the floor while on the other slide tracks are positioned along a dedicated shelf of reinforced concrete. The shelf has the dual function of supporting the structure and housing pipes for the air conditioning and treatment system. The sliding system is composed of extruded aluminium tracks which guide supporting carriages with fixed axis and eccentric axis wheels that allow adjustment of the movement and optimal coupling for perfect sliding.

The panelling of the roof is 20 mm thick polycarbonate with special IR treatment to lower the solar factor of the material so as to limit excessive heating of the internal environment, thus reducing air conditioning and related costs. In order to meet specific requirements in the overall length of the structure and at the same time limit the number of modules, in place of the conventional 2.10 m wide polycarbonate sheets, a system of modular panels was used by joining 60 cm wide similarly IR treated polycarbonate sheets via special profiles.
The side panelling is double glazing 44.1 / 16 (ar) / 44.1 BE with the same IR treatment to the external glass.
The enclosure does not have the front-end walls as it is integrated into the building also in terms of width. The structure is joined to the surrounding walls by press-bent plates to match the profiles.
Connection between the structure and the building is completed by a very particular frame with a double portal in stainless steel comprising two double-door emergency exits. The two portals are connected to each other by means of hinges and the whole is hinged to the wall. Therefore, when the covering is extended the frame closes off the interior environment and when the covering is retracted the frame folds back on itself and against the wall to which is hinged, leaving the area completely free.

The covering was divided into pre-assembled elements in order to be transported to the building site.


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