24 January 2019
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2019 starts great for FREA&FREA!
Our first customer of the year confirmed his satisfaction about his choice for an Helianthus enclosure suitable for his needs and for those one of the pool.

12 November 2018
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Frea&Frea company launches its brand Helianthus at the exhibition in Geneva around the Palexpo, the important fairs area of the Swiss city.
From the 2nd November to the 11th November 2018, the veranda Diana did not go unobserved thanks to the comfort which guarantees.

19 February 2018
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The year 2018 opens with big news for the brand Helianthus which has been acquired by the agency Frea&Frea S.r.l., leader in the sector of frames, continuous facades, aluminium enclosures, metal and enclosure carprentry and telescopic verandas.

04 November 2017
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Our enclosures have evolved and adapted to new market needs giving rise to the telescopic veranda: a sliding structure designed to uncover terraces and balconies that allows to create an indoor environment comfortable to be used all year.

10 March 2017
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Helianthus expands its product range with the new model ALTEA SWIM: a telescopic enclosure suitable for pool up to 7x18m.

04 September 2015
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Dreamcover is a system that allows to make disappear every kind of telescopic enclosure with or without tracks on the ground.

The enclosure can be considered as aesthetically unpleasant, but in this way it can be easily hidden to enjoy again the view of the surrounding landscape.

Visit our dedicated section to Dreamcover System and watch the video to discover the functioning.






27 February 2015
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The Italian Association for Sports Facilities (AIS) is an association formed with the aim of organizing and coordinating activities to promote, disseminate and facilitate the construction of sports facilities that are energetically, economically and socially sustainable.
AIS is a non-profit organization and has as its institutional purpose the promotion and protection of the collective interests of the sector of sports facilities of any size.

26 February 2015
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Helianthus has realized three major new projects for large telescopic enclosures.

25 February 2015
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The new all-made-in-Italy HELIANTHUS product has conquered the Spanish market. For the sports centre ‘Club Natació Banyoles’ in Girona, Spain, Helianthus designed and produced a new model of telescopic enclosure: Energy Triplo.

21 February 2015
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The outdoor pool of the Heaven Sporting Club in Rome is now covered by a Helianthus telescopic structure.
The sports complex, in addition to football and five-a-side pitches, a wellness centre and a gym, has two indoor pools and one outdoor pool. The latter has been equipped with a telescopic enclosure and linked to the building and to the technical facilities via two telescopic tunnels.