Lean-to enclosures


Lean-to telescopic enclosure sliding parallel to a support wall. Structure made of aluminium profiles and polycarbonate panels. Ideal for creating up a new environment adjacent to a main building or extending a covered interior space.

This type of covering is fully designed to meet the specific needs of each individual project:

  • Four different profiles available depending on the size of the area to be covered: 120mm, 150mm, 200mm or 240mm sections allow coverings with minimum internal width of up to 8m and length of up to 40m.
  • The wall sliding system uses tracks fixed to the building wall along which carriages run. The ground sliding system is on wheels or tracks depending on the size of the covering. Eventual guide tracks can be buried in or anchored to the floor in order to deliver the best solution for any type of flooring.
  • Special panelling can be created to connect the enclosure with already existing constructive elements.


  • 120mm, 150mm, 200mm or 240mm profile, 6060 aluminium alloy of medium hardness suitable for complex extrusions and with a high resistance to corrosion.
  • European Qualicoat quality labelled powder coating with a 60 micron minimum thickness, subject to numerous controls including weather and shock resistance
  • Guide tracks in 6063 aluminium alloy to match the structure with press-bent flashings in aluminium sheet that convey rainwater onto the module coverings.
  • Module panelling in polycarbonate treated for UV protection on both sides: 6mm alveolar (light transmission 64%-82%) and 4mm transparent and compact (light transmission 84%-87%), the latter type also available with scratch-proof surface.
  • Cross and base bars of extruded 6060 aluminium alloy.
  • Die-cast profile joint brackets covered with aluminium to improve aesthetics and hide structural holes and bolts.
  • Safety locks with durable and reliable mechanism and excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Sliding wheels in Polystar A, a durable material that leaves no trace on pavements.
  • Interior seals in Coecoprene and exterior seals in Dutral with high dimensional stability and excellent resistance to sunlight and ageing.
  • Anti-infiltration brushes with stainless steel base.
  • Module anchoring by placement of underground tracks or anchored on the floor in 6060 aluminium alloy.


  • An enclosure that integrates the exterior with the interior in the right balance for enjoying pool and surrounding green spaces while remaining covered.
  • Highly customized structure, tailor-made for each individual project.
  • Robust profile.
  • Flawless sliding.
  • Optimized craftsmanship and industrialisation.
  • Attention to detail in construction.



gamma colori Ral e Stardust

Covering customization with a wide range of available colours:

  • RAL colours: WHITE, IVORY, LIGHT-GREY AND ANTRACITE-GREY of the RAL range and BRONZE in matt-rough finish.


  • All RAL range colours on request.

    Compact transparent polycarbonate panelling of the walls or roof of the covering for greater transparency and visibility out from the structure’s interior.


    Customization of the walls with different types of opening: swing doors, sliding doors, folding doors, safety doors.


    Two-door lateral sliding opening for easy access to the pool.


    Motorization system with different power ratings according to the type and size of the structure.


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